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ONE is a community center in Valparaiso, Indiana offering yoga, meditation, and specialized workshops in the realm of yoga, metaphysics, and more!

Our weekly schedule is made up of a handful of unique classes with exceptionally trained teachers fit for all levels of practitioners. ALL of our instructors have been certified at the 200-HR level and higher and each one brings something to their class that no one else can.

We offer yoga because we believe that it is a priceless tool in maintaining one’s health and well-being. Yoga teaches you how to breathe DEEP through discomfort, whether that discomfort stems from a pose on the mat or a situation in life outside the studio doors. Yoga will teach you how to pair your movements with breath and intention – and after a while, you will begin to approach everything in your life with intention, too. We offer meditation as a tool to get quiet, to re-center, to find our ground when washed away in a storm. Meditation will bring you back to yourself, to hear the quiet voice within that can only be heard in silence.

ONE is a center at which you can begin to practice using these tools – we are a beautiful, safe, quiet, grounded space where you can leave the rest of the world outside and come into yourself. We are here to share in your triumphs, to hold you through the losses, to teach you what we know and what we don’t. We are HERE.


We encourage you to browse our class schedule, as well as the special events, training programs, and rituals!

ONE is a beautiful space for us to gather together as a community and share our passions for wellness.  We look forward to walking by your side as we all grow collectively in our practices.

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I cannot say enough great things about this place! The studio is beautiful, the environment is welcoming, the teachers are kind and helpful, and the classes are always exactly what I need. I always leave better than when I walked in. Thank you, One 

Taryn N

We are ONE is simply the most amazing yoga community I have ever been a part of. You feel an instant welcoming vibe as soon as you enter the space. It always smells wonderful, as if it's been freshly smudged or diffused with essential oils. The studio is BEAUTIFUL: light wood, stone arches, modern golden light fixtures, and sweet accents like fresh flowers, crystals, yoga statues, Hindi deities, and crystal grids adorn the space. Classes are amazing, and so are the teachers. 

Nicole U

This place is magical. It is absolutely beautiful inside and outside. The owner Sherri has a calming presence, is very knowledgeable, extremely welcoming, and you can feel her heart through her actions. I took Hala Khouri’s 3 Day Trauma Informed Training (I highly recommend this!) there and I couldn’t have picked a better environment to experience it in.

Georgia A

This place is amazing!! They have a strong base of instructors that are extremely knowledgeable. As a medical professional, I appreciate the use of proper terms when dealing with the anatomy of the body and the physiology occurring in the body during the different asanas. There is a strong emphasis on proper body mechanics throughout the practice to prevent injuries.

Shannon E