You take care of your physical body...what about your energetic body?

Energy work is used to help balance the systems of energy throughout your body to alleviate stress, physical ailments, and disease.


We offer basic energy work services, energy treatment programs, and sound healing offerings. Check them all out by scrolling below.




This is the most basic energetic treatment we offer, designed to encompass the body, mind, and spirit through crystal healing and gentle Reiki treatment.

60 minutes | $60.00



Previously known as Biofield Therapy, this is a multi-faceted treatment session designed to include the body, mind, and spirit through talk therapy, gentle bodywork, crystal healing, aromatherapy, Reiki treatment, and the added bonus of the vibration table, delivering frequencies straight to your body.

60 minutes | $75.00




4 sessions | $199.00

This program is designed to awaken your body and bring you energetically ‘online.’ This program is best completed within two (2) months with two (2) sessions per month for most noticeable energetic shifts. With the purchase of this treatment package, you will receive four (4) sessions to schedule at your leisure, which include:

  • Session 1 – First Time Visit: Energetic Assessment + Chakra Alignment
  • Session 2 – Chakra Alignment + Aura Cleanse + Vibration Therapy
  • Session 3 – Chakra Alignment + Heart Space Clearing + Vibration Therapy
  • Session 4 – Chakra Alignment + Adrenal Gland Reset + Vibration Therapy

After completing a Level 1 treatment regimen, you have the option of moving onto the Level 2 program which goes considerably deeper into your unique energetic body.



4 sessions | $249.00

Similar to the Level 1 treatment program, but on a whole deeper level. This program is best completed within two (2) months with at least two (2) sessions per month for most noticeable energetic shifts. You will receive four (4) sessions to schedule at your leisure, which include:

Session 1 – The Physical – 60 minutes
• Metaphysical counseling for physical issues. Diving deep into your ancestry & genetics to see what’s yours – and what you’ve inherited (15-20 minutes)
• Learning affirmations & mantras to assist in the release of old thought patterns, outdated beliefs, and inherited physical ailments that no longer serve you (10 minutes)
• Energetic bodywork, which includes the use of crystals, oils, and vibrational tools (30 minutes)

Session 2 – The Mental – 60 minutes
Taking a look at your current mental patterns & old programs. Are your thoughts always tinged with cynicism or sarcasm? Are you overly optimistic, losing touch with reality? Unsure of how to find your way back to the healthy middle? Let’s talk about re-programming your brain in a way that works for you.
• Tracing back the origins, or seeds, of intrusive thoughts or negative mental habits (10 minutes)
• Learning the power of affirmations and the ‘sacred pause’ between thoughts and reactions (10 minutes)
• Developing new intentions and writing down the ways you would like to re-program your mental patterns (10 minutes)
• Energetic bodywork with a focus on the brain and upper chakra centers. Includes the use of crystals, oils, and vibrational tools (30 minutes)

Session 3 – The Emotional – 60 minutes
• Discussion of current emotional needs, issues, and seeing which emotions you work with well, and which ones you feel that you struggle to connect with (10 minutes)
• Education on the energetic feeling bodies, naming & breaking down emotions, and recognizing emotional patterns (10 minutes)
• Exploring the possible origins of certain emotional patterns as well as the possible inheritance of these patterns for a better understanding of you (10 minutes)
• Energetic bodywork with a focus on the emotional bodies and lower chakra centers. Includes the use of crystals, oils, and vibrational tools (30 minutes)

Session 4 – The Spiritual – Shamanic Journey – 75 minutes
• Discussion of spirituality in your life (a sense of spirituality, not religion) and advice on how to create your own, unique, personal expression of spirituality (10-20 minutes)
• Shamanic Journey + Sound Bath (55 minutes)




A 30-minute treatment that aims to improve brain performance and help the mind and body come back into a balanced state by training the brain to recognize, repeat, and internalize certain brainwaves: delta, theta, alpha, beta, and gamma waves.

Through the use of tactile, bone-conductive transducers (we lovingly refer to them as vibration stations), uniquely curated frequencies and waves are transfused into the body via vibrations rather than through audible audio tracks, meaning that you’ll feel the vibrations in your body rather than hearing them. We use low frequencies that mimic and stimulate certain brainwave functions that can include: alertness, relaxation, meditation, sleep, deep meditative work, and creative learning.

We also have research-backed suggested treatments that may aid in bone and tissue regeneration, fibromyalgia, insomnia, stress, chronic headaches, maintaining focus and developing new neural patterns to stimulate the learning process.

30 minutes | $30.00



Let the healing tones of the singing bowls bathe you with powerful vibrations that will immediately relax your mind and body. This is a great treatment if you’re experiencing stress, pain and restlessness or feel that you need some grounding and a chance to reawaken your body, mind, and energetic system.

We use specialized Alchemy crystal singing bowls which are created with crushed precious stones and metals (sunstone & titanium, opal & platinum, etc.), a C# tuned handheld glass singing bowl, as well as Tibetan style metal bowls.

This treatment is designed to target and release micro-tension being held in your physical body. This therapy can also increase blood flow to muscular system which can help relieve muscle tension and reduce chronic pain. Vibrational sound therapy with singing bowls can also reduce symptoms of stress and may help lower your blood pressure, as well as slow down your breathing and heart rate.

This sound bath can help relax and focus your mind, reduce fatigue, release tension, relieve stress, relax the muscles, boost creativity, soften and uplift the symptoms of depression and sleep issues, stimulate the energetic meridians, and energize the mind, body and spirit.

Check out this study on the effects of singing bowls here.

60 minutes | $65.00

custom sound bath image

Sound Bath Vibration Therapy – Customized Session

Experience a fully immersive, customized sound bath that will stimulate your energetic meridians, nervous system, brain, and energetic body while releasing tension in the physical body.

Combining the therapies and sounds of ASMR, Alchemy crystal and Tibetan singing bowls, drum and rattle cleansing, and carefully selected brainwave entrainment frequencies, this treatment may help cleanse, realign, and revitalize all your body systems and reset your mind state. A powerful therapy for the ultimate cleanse.

Check out how sound can heal here.

60 minutes | $80.00


Improved Mood & Emotional Well-Being

In a study published in Biological Research for Nursing, 21 healthcare professionals with burnout (a work-related mental health condition characterized by mental exhaustion, emotional detachment, and a lowered sense of personal accomplishment) received a 30-minute Reiki session with an experienced therapist, as well as a 30-minute placebo treatment with an inexperienced therapist who mimicked the Reiki treatment. The two treatments were separated by one week; participants were randomly assigned their treatment order, and they weren’t told which treatment they were getting during which session. Researchers found that heart rate variability was greater following the Reiki session, which suggests (using a very quantifiable physiological measurement) that Reiki may help a stressed nervous system relax.

Diaz-Rodriguez L, Arroyo-Morales M, Fernandez-de-las-Penas C, et al. Immediate Effects of Reiki on Heart Rate Variability, Cortisol Levels, and Body Temperature in Health Care Professionals With Burnout. Biological Research for Nursing. October 2011

Reduced Stress Levels

Research shows that a single Reiki session may help your autonomic nervous system, the primitive part of your nervous system that you don’t need to consciously control (it's responsible for things like heartbeat and breathing), move from a sympathetic-dominant, or “fight-or-flight” state, to a parasympathetic-dominant, or “rest-and-digest” state which helps you to relax.

Mackay N, Hansen S, McFarlane O. Autonomic Nervous System Changes During Reiki Treatment: A Preliminary Study. Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine. December 2004.

Improved Sleep & Reduction of Insomnia Symptoms

Reiki & other forms of energy work may also improve mood and sleep: A study published in Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine found that college students who received six 30-minute Reiki sessions reported greater improvements in stress, depression, anxiety, and sleep.

Bowden D, Goddard L, Gruzelier J. A Randomised Controlled Single-Blind Trial of the Efficacy of Reiki at Benefitting Mood and Well-Being. Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine. March 2011.

Lowered Blood Pressure & Reduced Pain Rate

Research suggests that Reiki may lower anxiety, stress, and pain in people undergoing surgery. In a study published in 2017 of patients undergoing knee replacement surgery, researchers separated 46 patients into three groups: One group received three or four 30-minute Reiki treatments throughout their hospital stay; a second group received the same number of placebo (sham) Reiki sessions; and a third group received neither Reiki nor sham Reiki. Every group also received standard medical care. Researchers found that only those who received Reiki saw significant reductions in pain, blood pressure, breathing rate, and anxiety pre- and post-surgery.

Baldwin AL, Vitale A, Brownell E, et al. Effects of Reiki on Pain, Anxiety, and Blood Pressure in Patients Undergoing Knee Replacement: A Pilot Study. Holistic Nursing Practice. March–April 2017.
Keep in mind that energy work is a form of complementary therapy, which means it works alongside — not in place of — other medical and therapeutic techniques. It should not be used as a substitute for other treatments your healthcare providers have prescribed.

About Your Practitioner...

Sierra LaFreniere-Dujmovich has been involved in the field of metaphysics for over 10 years. She is a certified Reiki Master, holds a Bachelor's degree in both biological science [Purdue University] and in metaphysical science [University of Sedona], is a 500-HR certified yoga instructor, and is a certified sound & vibration therapist. She has completed multiple trainings under Dr. Athena Perrakis from Sage Goddess and is currently enrolled in a doctorate program for metaphysical counseling. Sierra is passionate about supporting and guiding others as they find their own unique spiritual paths & practices.


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