You take care of your physical body...what about your energetic body?

Energy work is used to help balance the systems of energy throughout your body to alleviate stress, physical ailments, and disease.


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If this is your first dive into energy work with us, we want to start by getting to know you. What brings you here? How’s life going? Let’s unpack it all together.

This is a 60-minute session designed to get you introduced to the world of energy.

When you arrive…

We’ll sit down together and go through:

> your current health concerns and their effects on your life

> your health, trauma, & medical history

> your sleeping patterns

> what’s important to you in your life

> your alternative healing practices, if you have them

When you get on the table…

> we will perform an energetic assessment to determine the status of your energy centers and span of your personal biofield

>we will perform a full Chakra Cleanse & Alignment treatment to balance all of your energy centers through the use of crystal therapy, aromatherapy, and gentle hands-on energy work

After your session...

> we will discuss what we observed during the assessment and treatment as well as possible factors that may be contributing to your current challenges

> we can discuss and determine which therapy session or treatment we would recommend for future visits based on our findings and your personal preferences

> schedule your next appointment


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A 30-minute treatment that aims to improve brain performance and help the mind and body come back into a balanced state by training the brain to recognize, repeat, and internalize certain brainwaves: delta, theta, alpha, beta, and gamma waves.

Through the use of tactile, bone-conductive transducers (we lovingly refer to them as vibration stations), uniquely curated frequencies and waves are transfused into the body via vibrations rather than through audible audio tracks, meaning that you’ll feel the vibrations in your body rather than hearing them. We use low frequencies that mimic and stimulate certain brainwave functions that can include: alertness, relaxation, meditation, sleep, deep meditative work, and creative learning.

We also have research-backed suggested treatments that may aid in bone and tissue regeneration, fibromyalgia, insomnia, stress, chronic headaches, maintaining focus and developing new neural patterns to stimulate the learning process.

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A 60-minute energetic treatment uniquely combines metaphysical counseling, Reiki, and vibrational therapy via crystals, essential oils, and musical instruments to treat you holistically.

Like everything else in the Universe, we are composed of tiny energetic particles. Due to this, it is logical to assume that we can affect, and be affected, by the energetic particles within us and without us. At the root of nearly all physical issues there is something happening concurrently at the mental, emotional, or spiritual level. When something begins to appear physically and affect your well-being, it is your body’s desperate last call to get you to notice and take action! If you can heal the roots, you can heal every part that is connected.


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Improved Mood & Emotional Well-Being

In a study published in Biological Research for Nursing, 21 healthcare professionals with burnout (a work-related mental health condition characterized by mental exhaustion, emotional detachment, and a lowered sense of personal accomplishment) received a 30-minute Reiki session with an experienced therapist, as well as a 30-minute placebo treatment with an inexperienced therapist who mimicked the Reiki treatment. The two treatments were separated by one week; participants were randomly assigned their treatment order, and they weren’t told which treatment they were getting during which session. Researchers found that heart rate variability was greater following the Reiki session, which suggests (using a very quantifiable physiological measurement) that Reiki may help a stressed nervous system relax.

Diaz-Rodriguez L, Arroyo-Morales M, Fernandez-de-las-Penas C, et al. Immediate Effects of Reiki on Heart Rate Variability, Cortisol Levels, and Body Temperature in Health Care Professionals With Burnout. Biological Research for Nursing. October 2011

Reduced Stress Levels

Research shows that a single Reiki session may help your autonomic nervous system, the primitive part of your nervous system that you don’t need to consciously control (it's responsible for things like heartbeat and breathing), move from a sympathetic-dominant, or “fight-or-flight” state, to a parasympathetic-dominant, or “rest-and-digest” state which helps you to relax.

Mackay N, Hansen S, McFarlane O. Autonomic Nervous System Changes During Reiki Treatment: A Preliminary Study. Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine. December 2004.

Improved Sleep & Reduction of Insomnia Symptoms

Reiki & other forms of energy work may also improve mood and sleep: A study published in Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine found that college students who received six 30-minute Reiki sessions reported greater improvements in stress, depression, anxiety, and sleep.

Bowden D, Goddard L, Gruzelier J. A Randomised Controlled Single-Blind Trial of the Efficacy of Reiki at Benefitting Mood and Well-Being. Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine. March 2011.

Lowered Blood Pressure & Reduced Pain Rate

Research suggests that Reiki may lower anxiety, stress, and pain in people undergoing surgery. In a study published in 2017 of patients undergoing knee replacement surgery, researchers separated 46 patients into three groups: One group received three or four 30-minute Reiki treatments throughout their hospital stay; a second group received the same number of placebo (sham) Reiki sessions; and a third group received neither Reiki nor sham Reiki. Every group also received standard medical care. Researchers found that only those who received Reiki saw significant reductions in pain, blood pressure, breathing rate, and anxiety pre- and post-surgery.

Baldwin AL, Vitale A, Brownell E, et al. Effects of Reiki on Pain, Anxiety, and Blood Pressure in Patients Undergoing Knee Replacement: A Pilot Study. Holistic Nursing Practice. March–April 2017.
Keep in mind that energy work is a form of complementary therapy, which means it works alongside — not in place of — other medical and therapeutic techniques. It should not be used as a substitute for other treatments your healthcare providers have prescribed.

About Your Practitioner...

Sierra LaFreniere-Dujmovich has been involved in the field of metaphysics for over 10 years. She is a certified Reiki Master, holds a Bachelor's degree in both biological science [Purdue University] and in metaphysical science [University of Sedona], is a 500-HR certified yoga instructor, and is a certified sound & vibration therapist. She has completed multiple trainings under Dr. Athena Perrakis from Sage Goddess and is currently enrolled in a doctorate program for metaphysical counseling. Sierra is passionate about supporting and guiding others as they find their own unique spiritual paths & practices.

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