All bodies, shapes and sizes are welcome at ONE. You don’t need to be fit or flexible to practice yoga – but you will become stronger and more flexible with practice. If you haven’t been to ONE before, here are some helpful suggestions:

Arrive Early

To receive the greatest benefit from your ONE experience, arrive early to settle in, stretch out and get focused. To be most comfortable, avoid eating anything heavy before class. PLEASE turn off your cell phone so that everyone can full immerse in this special time away from the busy-ness of life.

If You’re Late

Sometimes arriving late is unavoidable. Be respectful. Our feeling is better late than not coming at all. If you arrive late, please wait until the beginning meditation is over before entering the studio. Enter quietly, with as little disturbance as possible and enjoy class.

Your personal belongings

Shoes come off in the hallway. Use the coat rack and cubbies for the rest of your belongings. Please leave valuables at home or in your car so the studio can be free of clutter.

Be safe, breathe and have fun!

Before class begins, inform the teacher of any health issues or injuries so that they can provide modifications or guidance to help protect you. Please tell us if you are pregnant – we want to keep you and your baby safe.

During class, BREATHE! It’s the most important part of the practice. Equally important – have fun, be playful and curious. Don’t be afraid to make “mistakes”. ONE is a safe place to try new things, challenging yourself so that you can expand and grow.

What to wear

Yoga is done in comfortable clothing and bare feet. Come dressed for class or change when you get here.